The Digitalist

The Digitalist is a film production company that specializes in all forms of digital media.  Our specialties include commercial projects, television series, documentaries, corporate videos, web video content, and still photography.


About Us

The Digitalist works in collaboration with various agencies, production companies, and graphic/web designers so that all client requests may be met and developed effectively. Our company goal is to exceed client expectation by bringing new innovative techniques and artistic flare to all content produced. Please refer to our portfolio for examples.

Founded in 2003, The Digitalist is a high quality film production company that produces a wide genre of digital film and media products.

The Founder, Mark Peachey, is a well-respected Director of Photography and producer in his field.  He obtained his degree in Film from Queens University in 1998, and has 19 years of experience directing, producing and editing.  His experience and client base ranges from large-scale commercial spots to documentaries, corporate videos, television series, and web video content.

The Digitalist strives at bringing innovative and creative flare to all of our projects.  We have a wide range of professional HD equipment ranging from the Arri Alexa, Canon C300, Canon 5D, Canon 7D to the GoPro Hero 3 so that all levels of production may be met.  The Digitalist also works in collaboration with many other well-respected agencies and production houses which allow various types of projects to be completed.